Design a Sustainable Outreach Shelter Challenge

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Lesson series
  • Class Of Your Own
  • Level: entry
  • 10 hours
  • Self-assessed portfolio
practIcal approach
This project challenges you to write an article that showcases how you ave responded to the design challenge. 
learner outcome
Learners will develop and demonstrate understanding of issues related to shelter, water, transport, structures, energy and ground works. You will emerge with work to add to your built environment portfolio, and a certificate of completion. 
Course overview
A freak storm has ripped through Anytown, forcing rough sleepers to find emergency shelter. It is your job as a young engineer to imagine repurposing an existing stadium into a sustainable outreach shelter, and write a newspaper article describing what you have done to provide sustainable shelter for those in need. 

In this DEC [Design Engineer Construct] Discover Award, you will "think like an engineer" and develop an article that includes information on six key themes: water, transport, structure, energy, waste and ground. 

This free, introductory course is suitable for learners of all ages, and provides a real-world scenario for you to practice your skills. Studying BIM at Exceptional BIM? Why not use this project to demonstrate what you have learned! 
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Certification included
Learn to use your skills on a realistic project, and you can get a Class Of Your Own Discover Award Certificate! 

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