The BIM Management Platform Training - SmartLeanBIM®

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Lesson series
  • Company: Plannerly
  • Type: Software Course
  • Study time: 2 hours
  • Practical exercises: No
  • Assessment: 80% Pass
Practical approach
For BIM Managers, it’s a constant challenge to get all companies to agree on BIM requirements.
With the Plannerly BIM Execution Plan (BEP) you learn to  simplify your BIM Management.
learner outcomes
Learners will understand BIM Planning and have access to templates, saving time. Learners will realise the BIM scope capabilities, a collaborative framework to define ISO 19650 requirements. including a simple and streamlined approach to contracting.
Learners will define the scheduling benefits during team collaboration. Be able to track and verify using simplified  BIM compliance, which helps maintain focus on project delivery.
Course overview
Learn how to create and manage targeted BIM Execution Plans using a streamlined and engaging process.
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Certification included
This course is accredited and certified by Plannerly, who are one of the recognised world leaders in AEC Software.

Course Lessons

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The Plannerly Five Building Blocks For Successful BIM Management: Plan
Track &

We believe that you should have less administration burdens, your team should experience less waste/rework, your customers should receive the BIM they need and everyone on your projects should walk around with a smile on their face. Find out more:
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