Think BIM. Think Project Co-ordination

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Course features
  • Company: Arcdox
  • Level: BIM Ninja Tier Two
  • Study time: 6 hours
  • Practical exercises: No
  • Certified: Yes
practical approach
This course examines various concepts and techniques associated with people, processes and technology activities.
Please note, the content of this course is repeated in our more extensive BIM 4Leaders course.
learner outcomes
On completion of the course you will understand BIM and the process around the model, 
be able to Identify and define key BIM terminology. 
You will recognise the history of BIM and it's global awareness.
Keenly understand the value of a whole life approach to Project Management.
Be able to identify vulnerability issues and threats of not adopting BIM, helping you to influence Management of BIM's immense  value.
You will be able to recognise the core and extended suit of UK and Ireland standards, documents and deliverables for BIM ISO 19650 and its adoption.
Course overview
This course will focus on the broad subject of ICT for project managers. Which is of course of information and communication technologies. More specifically, we're going to be talking about information related to the built environment and how we produce and communicate that information or share that information and the technologies that we used to do that which in this case is building information modelling, which is both the process and technology for digitising and organising information for the built environment
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Certification included
This course is accredited and certified by Arcdox in Ireland, Building Information Modelling specialists.

Course Lessons

about the company


At ArcDox, we are focus​​ed on​ Architectural Documentation, and using the latest technologies and processes, to achieve the highest quality building information, to bette​​r communicate and analyse design, and enable the efficient construction and operations of buildings.​​
The founding partners each have over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry, delivering on an extensive range of projects of varying type and scale, and they understand the is​sues and challenges around design, construction and operations of buildings.
​At ArcDox we have assembled an expert team of highly qualified, and BIM certified professionals, to provide the support that project teams need to successfully implement BIM. When you work with ArcDox, you don’t just get the skill of one individual, but the support of a team with a broad range of expertise.​​

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