Getting Started

How do I see all the courses?

If you want to compare courses to see which ones fit your current needs best, this article outlines how you can preview a course, and see if it’s the right course for you. In addition, this article explains how you can review key information about a course, the instructor(s), and course content on the courses menu page landing page 
All Courses can be found in our Learning Menu . 
Free course can be found in Tier One Ninja Level.  
Review key information for each course by clicking on the course thumbnail. Access your courses by clicking on Continue Learning icon or goto My Library in the menu

How to start a course ONCE Registered? 

Once you have registered for a free or paid course. A learner will find a course overview for every course which includes : course; titles; content, instructors and outcomes. So learners can see the course content and their instructor or course curator. To start your course, please follow the steps below:
  1. Click on My Courses in the Top Menu  
  2. Now you’ll be able to see the courses you have registered, learning Hours and chat sessions and all the learning content 
  3. Click on the Start Learning Now or Continue Learning button to access the course material.
Access all your registered courses through this page
Start learning by clicking the RED button
See all course modules and time related chapters for each module.

What Browsers/ Mobile access can i use?

It is highly recommended to use Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge. Some of the course sections include a HTML 5 / SCORM player and require an up to date browser. All sections must be completed in order to continue to the next section.  You must download the latest web browser updates to enjoy hassle free learning.
All learning can also be accessed by mobile devices.( See Mobile Devices
Course can be access through most web browsers
Some course use SCORM players and require updated web browsers. Make sure your web security is not blocking HTML 5/ SCORM files.
Access course on any device

How do I Access my Course content?

  1. Click on the course thumbnail in the window or the 'Continue Learning' button available to you
  2. After the page loads this will become your default page after login. This page will display your course hours, badges you received, BIM Community, Additional Resources , Inbox and other people on the course Click on the Continue  button on the course thumbnail to continue with the course.
  3. Every time you logout, and log back in, you will return to the last page you were learning on.  
Click on the RED Button to start learning
The course modules are displayed in the left panel of your browser. All modules are mandatory and must be completed before moving to the next chapter. 
All course are made of, eBooks, video and PDF's. To access each chapter use the menu or  PREVIOUs SECTION OR NEXT SECTION to navigate modules. 

Learning Resources

Where are all my Learners Resources?

In each course  you can see the Community Discussions on each course with you and reviews and questions learners have asked on the course.
It is essential to connect with learners to activate the GAMMING Engine and highly recommend learners engage with discussion in order to access further learning Tiers.
When students enroll they have the opportunity to network with the other learners on the course. This also helps them with their badge ratings, the more you share and commenting the better your badge rating.

Gaming badges are awarded to learners who make notes and archive their learning content. All learner notes are stored and can be found in the My Library- My Note Book in the menu
Using your mouse, learners can highlight sentences and take notes and store them for future records. All notes can be found in your Profile section or in Web Resources
Access to all your resources can be found in the top menu button. Click on Apps ,BIM Resources to get access to 1000;s of free learning content, saved Notes, and My Notebook.
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