Exceptional BIM Badges

Why did they get a BIM badge?

Digital BIM Badges are awarded only to those learners who have achieved outstanding results. A learner who has demonstrated outstanding achievements in all their courses. Learners who have achieved the digital badge also have displayed the abilty to show that learning is not just about a certificate but have gone beyond the call of duty and also achieved social networking badges designed to show the level of learning input throughout each course. They are the people that make our industry exceptional! #beexceptional

Getting BIM  badges

Each badge automatically awarded to a learner who meets a certain criteria based on the gaming engine built into each learning programme. All courses are gamified and  monitor the learners  achievements helping you earn time and knowledge on all our BIM courses offered. The BIM badges help incentivise the learners’ ability to evaluate their learning needs while providing an incentive to learn and being able to show others their exceptional achievements.

What can i do with BIM badges?

Most our courses are internationally recognised  and developed by global experts. The concept of digital BIM badges is not new to industries around the globe. We have taken the initiative to introduce digital badges to help you excel in your BIM career, hopefully this provides you with an incentive to stay ahead of your peers and share your badge digitally on a CV or on social media that can help employers really see that you have made BIM a journey and not just a sprint.

Mohamed Hesham

BIM Samurai | BIM Instructor | BSI BIM project information practitioner | Information management practitioner | BIM ISO 19650 | 6σ Yellow Belt professional | 6σ WT belt certified | PMEC | ACP | NCN-A™ | Autodesk Gold A.
About me
I am a BIM engineer and a BIM instructor.
Instructing BIM in different entities such as [Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University for Master's degree students], [Egyptian engineers syndicate], [Kaitech], [Platform training solutions] and different online education platforms. [+7500 students]
B.Sc. in Civil engineering at Cairo University - Faculty of Engineering.
Has successfully met the requirements to be awarded the "BIM Project Information Practitioner" qualification from BSI.
Certified as an Information management practitioner. [11 Courses with 12 certificates and 12 certified CPD in BIM ISO 19650 curriculum].

Francois Swanepoel

BIM Influencer, mentor, professional
I help Property Owners & Design Teams gain efficiency & cut time to save 15% project cost using our fusion BIM-Ecosystem
About me
At fusionBIM, I help Property Owners & Design Teams gain efficiency & cut time to save 15% project cost 💰 on Design & Building projects. Using our fusionBIM-Ecosystem, I fuse Architecture, Technology & Best Practice with insight from Concept to Final Design to Construction & to Operation of your Property & Building Projects

The past 27+ years, along with project teams, I delivered Architectural services & 12+ years specializing in practical BIM Implementation on a variety of project types for clients nationwide & in Africa.

Rumbi Matsika

PROJECT MANAGEMENT | Construction Business Development Consultant | Property Consultant | Remittances & FX Transactions.
About me
Driven young professional with an eye for property & construction focusing on business development in investment property. My experience has been garnered throughout multiple business sectors as I was awarded the opportunity of being involved in several facets of a business.
Tasked with senior management responsibilities in the rudiments of my career, I have demonstrated my hardworking nature and adaptability to suit the needs of an organisation. As a result, I value the input and support of a good team which I was able to establish in my 4 years at Inter Africa Mukuru. 
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