Logging in and changing your details

1. How do I create a new Learner Account?

Welcome to your Exceptional BIM online school. To Log In to your school you have to create a new account. There are two ways to accomplish this:
The first one is to simply connect with one of your social network accounts. It’s the easiest way by far since you don’t need to remember yet another password. To log in, simply click on the button corresponding to the social network you prefer to use and follow the process. You will be asked to confirm your email address, so make sure that you enter a valid email address.
The second option for creating a new account is using your email. Click on the "Create a new account for free" button that can be found in the login form.
Fill out the simple registration form with your name, email and desired password and click on the "Start your learning journey" button
That's it, you may now access the online school and browse through the available courses
Complete the Signup form to register with ExceptionalBIM.com
Your Profile page will show you how many courses you have registered for and allows you to continue learning where you previously left off. 
Click on My Account to access all your courses, certificates and badges.

2. How to Log In to my School with an existing Account?

Goto www.exceptionalbim.com website and in the top Menu, you will have a Login or Sign up option.
If you’ve used your email to register for the school then simply fill out your e-mail and password in the login form and click "Login"
That’s it, you can browse through our course catalogue!

3. Problems Logging in to your School?

First of all make sure that the combination of e-mail and password you tried is correct (for security reasons our error message doesn’t explicitly reference whether you made a mistake in your email or password. This is deliberately so to make it harder for malicious individuals to guess any account details).
If you are still having problems it might that have forgotten your password. In this case you can simply ask for a new one to be sent out to you.
Click on the "Forgot your password?" link located just below the "Login" button 
Type the email that corresponds to your account and click "Send". An email will be sent to you with a link for setting a new password for your account. If you don’t see the email appearing in your Inbox, make sure to also check the spam folder as it may have been accidentally caught by your email's spam filter. If this is the case then make sure to identify this message as “Not spam” so that you don’t lose any future correspondence from your online school

Managing your 
Exceptional BIM account

How access courses with a coupon.

If you have been provided with a free access coupon, the learner must use the coupon to access the for free. Coupons can only be used once by a learner and cannot be shared. 
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How to update your profile:

Learners can update their profile and information at anytime. This includes email, passwords and privacy.
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Navigating the course content

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4. There are two kinds of courses the free ones and the ones you have to buy

If the course you want to enroll is free just click on "Start for free" button and you will have full access to the content. If the course you want to enroll is not free click on "Enroll" button (the course’s prices should be visible, right next to enroll) and follow the checkout process. When you finish the course contents will unlock for you

5. How can I Edit/Insert my account details (Profile Picture, Biography, Locations etc?

When logged in to your school, click on the “Go to profile” button that you can find at the top right position of the main menu, right below your name. The edit button will lead you to your profile page.
There, click on the edit  button and start changing your personal info. You can update your name and email, add a short bio so other members of the community can learn more about you and add your social accounts so that others can contact you

6. How can I change my password?

Changing the password can be done from the online school’s log in form (you have to be logged out). Go to the login form and click on the "Forgot your password?" button that can be located right under the "Login" button
Insert the email of your account and click “OK”

You will soon receive an email containing a link for resetting your password. If you don’t receive this email after a few minutes, please check the spam folder of your email account as the reset email may have accidentally been held up by your spam filter.

7. How do I exit from the School?

If you want to log out from the online school simply click the “Sign out” option that can be found at the top-right menu.

8. I purchased a course. How do I access it?

If you have already purchased a course you only need to visit the course’s page and you will have full access to the content. Alternately, you can access the starting page of your school. The courses you have purchased will appear at the top of the course list. By clicking on a course card you will be directed to its contents

9. How do I download course content?

If you are enrolled to a course (paid or not) you will have access to the whole course contents. In most cases the contents are not available for download and you will need to be connected to the internet and access the contents through your browser. Certain material, like PDF files or PPT presentations may be available for download.

10. Are there prerequisites for the courses or lessons?

In most cases there are no prerequisites and you can take any course you want independently. For certain courses that do have prerequisites, this will be clearly written in the course description. And you may also want to discuss this with the course instructor)
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