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Exceptional BIM is the most comprehensive BIM online training solution on the African continent providing the architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries with revolutionary tools and technology.

 We are revolutionising the way people learn online.
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BIM is not just software

Our courses are more than just about BIM software. We provide free software courses as a foundation for all learners. All our courses are gamified and out-of-the-box supporting a set of leader badges that are being awarded to you based on your  goals you achieve when doing your courses.

Once our students have understood the foundation to BIM in software, they can continue their BIM journey and join thousands of other learners within our learning community. This tier is a must for any learner entering the digital built environment.

Develop your skills with other learners

Exceptional BIM courses are not designed to replace any learning curriculum or apply to a particular year the student is studying. The tiered learning programme provides a learning platform for learners to have ongoing learning development while networking with other learners within the ecosystem of learning.

Through this movement, the skills, passion and contributions of every learner will drive a digital built environment next phase of development towards a professional BIM global economy and inclusive society.

Enroll. Learn. Support

The course within the tier programme consists of a range of learning modules. Each course programme is an interactive programme, helping unlock the other tiers.

Learners develop an understanding of history and digital transformation fit for industry purpose, functional BIM design by learning through internationally accredited expert trainers, allowing learners to take on the roles of key digital leaders in the Built Environment 

The Exceptional BIM
GeT Everything Library gives access to over 240+ courses

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Become a BIM Ninja and start your BIM journey by grasping the software fundamentals
What is BIM Authoring Software? How do I start to transition my career ? These #free courses explore the software foundations required for the roll-out of Building Information Modelling across the built environment, and what technical skills individuals need to adjust or adopt new digital processes.  
If you serious about your BIM journey , then become the BIM Warrior 
The courses  at this level are for those who are serious about adopting the global explosion of technology while  learning the  various BIM engagement techniques associated with processes and technology activities. At this level the learner must have the ability to critically evaluate their appropriateness for use in a variety of situations when dealing with technology  aspects. It is also aimed at developing learners understanding of theory and practice when implementing BIM software on projects.
If you want to be that BIM Bushido , then you need to learn to lead
The "BIM Sumurai", holds leadership, GRIT, and personal loyalty above BIM itself.  This level is also aimed at developing the learners knowledge and expertise in interpreting and co-ordinating people, on a BIM project and is aimed at developing a learners understanding of theory and practice when interacting with a team or leading individuals  on a project or within an organization. This is where learners can achieve their BIM Black Belt

Learning with Quality and Security

  • Superior Learning Technology

    Our award winning learning platform adapts to each student’s unique combination of learning styles with text, audio, demos, exercises, and videos, engaging all the senses and anchoring learning with action.

    Our cloud-based technical training platform is the foundation for comprehensive corporate, educational and government knowledge management solutions. The Exceptional BIM together with its platinum partners have provided our learners with an advanced  learning platform that offer world class engaging courseware.

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