Introduction to Dynamo fundamentals

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Course features
  • Company: BIM GURU
  • Type: Software Course
  • Study time: 2 hours
  • Practical exercises: No
  • Assessment: 80% pass

Practical approach
Dynamo is a visual programming extension for Autodesk Revit that helps you compose custom scripts to generate geometry and process data. Dynamo solves challenges using a ruled-based system of thinking, something typically referred to as algorithmic thinking.
 learner outcomes
In this International Dynamo Course we will learn the Dynamo/visual coding fundamentals first to grasp the basics and understand concepts such as list management and supporting Revit workflows. We will learn using content from the Aussie BIM Guru YouTube channel, preceded by a high level written introduction.  This course is an engaging program aimed at learners and professionals who are looking to learn about Dynamo, to can enhance their capabilities in Revit. Whilst the focus of the course will be towards architectural applications, Dynamo also supports MEP, construction and 5D BIM workflows in many ways - your creativity is the key
Course overview
The primary objective of this course is to teach learners about Dynamo and visual coding, with the goal being to enhance their everyday BIM and Revit workflows.
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Certification included
Accredited and Certified by Aussie BIM Guru, leading edge BIM Consulting for the Australian AEC industry

Course Lessons

about the company

BIM Guru

BIM Guru was founded by Gavin Crump in January 2020 with the vision of providing high quality, innovative and user-friendly BIM consulting solutions to the AEC industry.
Our Vision
Our long term vision is for a connected, progressive and collaborative AEC Industry. We see BIM as a crucial part of this.
Our Clients
Within its first year of business, BIM Guru has already helped more than 30 unique clients from around the world. We look forward to working with many types of Clients in order to realise this vision alongside them.
Our Services
We provide a variety of BIM Consulting services, including:
Strategic input and guidance
Revit templating, content creation and modelling
Project BIM coordination and clash detection
Dynamo and Grasshopper scripting
Training, education and mentoring

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