Estimating Cost Take-off Fundamentals for BIM

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Course features
  • Company: ACE
  • Type: Software Course
  • Study time: 3 hours
  • Practical exercises: Yes
  • Certified: Yes
Practical Approach
This this course you will learn how to open and create a new project and prepare a variety of common two dimensional drawing file formats for measurement. It will also run through the various techniques that can be used in order to extract quantities from a 3D Models
leraning outcomes
The learners will understand how DimensionX supports takeoff for 3D/BIM models as well as 2D drawings, allowing users to save time and money, improve accuracy and reduce paper handling. The DimensionX is a drawing viewer where PDF and CAD files can be viewed, and without the use of CAD software or any previous experience of CAD by the user, detailed and accurate dimensions generated automatically from 3D BIM models (DimensionX® only), or measurements easily and quickly taken from 2D and 3D drawings by using simple but powerful electronic measurement tools. Learners will understanding how these tools  make use of embedded CAD data to make measurement even quicker and easier.
Course overview
This course aims to inform and demonstrate the principles of measurement using DimensionX takeoff. The exercises are based around the use of examples files and templates which have been developed for demonstration and training purposes only. This module focuses on the BIM quantity take-off process required by QS/ cost manager and identifies the basic fundamentals required for 5D BIM
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certified by:
This DimentionX course is accredited and certified by Global Win QS

Course Lessons

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ACE Solutions

ACE Solutions is involved in the system design, the marketing and the support of the WinQS system which, over twenty years has grown to be the most widely used quantity surveying system and currently has more than 3000 licensed systems installed in Southern Africa as well as internationally.
The partners have Quantity Surveying backgrounds and over 30 years they have proved their commitment to maintaining long term and mutually beneficial relationships with their clients.
ACE Solutions are proud of their service record and the quality of the software they market. We believe that the service we offer goes far beyond the call of duty and sets us apart from any competitor.
The WinQS software is constantly being upgraded and new modules written to provide solutions for Quantity Surveyors and Contractors.
WinQS is An efficient, cost-effective software solution for Quantity Surveyors and Cost Engineers for the production of: Cost Plans; Detailed Estimates; etc.
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