BIM Leaderboard Programme

Your project succeeds or fails on the backs of your experience and knowledge. Having a course certificate does not make you a professional or an expert. If it was that easy we would all be professors or doctors. Having only a certificate of completion is not enough in todays fast moving digital transformation. Industry experts need to be trained for life, not just trained to make a living. You need to be intellectually prepared to understand the needs of other professionals on projects while still applying their technological skills

All our courses are gamified and support a set of leader badges that are being awarded to you based on your behaviour and the goals you achieve when doing your courses. It is essential for any learner to excel while learning and share and learn from other learners while growing their own knowledge base...this is the heart of Exceptional BIM
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Frequently asked questions

1. Social Leader Networking Badges

Your social leader networking badges will never expire, while learning within the Exceptional BIM as a registers learner you will continue to earn badges on all your courses. Social badges do not form part of your course achievement badges. Your badges will also be available on your Account Profile.

2. What are digital BIM badges?

Your course digital BIM badges are digitally encrypted and are based on how many hours you spend learning within exceptional BIM. As a registered learner on our courses you will continue  earn digital BIM badges based on the number of courses and hours spent learning with us. Our BIM badges are based on the number of hours a learner spends learning in Exceptional BIM, not based on the completion of a course or certificate. Digital BIM badges are only awarded to a learner that  submits the total accumulated hours of learning within our learning programme to our support. Racing through multiple courses does not necessarily mean that you will earn a digital badge. Our built-in gaming engine will determine the number of hours spent learning. The following points highlight how a learner achieves a digital BIM badge:
1. The number of hours spent on each course( The more courses you do the better chances you have of achieving better BIM badges.
2. Spending time accessing and reading BIM resources library content
3. Being active within our BIM communities with Exceptional BIM.

Social Leader Networking Badges

Below you can see all the available badges required in Tier One and a description of when each one of them is unlocked.

4. How do I earn my BIM digital badges? 

  • BIM Ninja Digital Badge: Minimum of any 5 courses and 100 hours of accumulated learning with Exceptional BIM
  • BIM Warrior Digital Badge: Minimum of 8 courses and 200 hours of accumulated learning with Exceptional BIM
  • BIM Samurai Digital Badge: Achieved 80% or more on all Exceptional BIM Courses and achieve 500 hours of accumulated learning within one year of subscription with Exceptional BIM

5. Can I achieve BIM badges on all courses in Exceptional BIM Learning?

6. Can I achieve digital BIM badges  only doing free courses?

The free learning programs we offer helps learners develop an understanding of the technical aspects of software used within our built environment. Software training alone does not make you a BIM expert, but we are kind enough to offer you the opportunity to earn a BIM Ninja badge for your efforts to start understanding the digital transformation. Our courses are designed to allow learners to take on the roles of key digital leaders in the Built Environment such as BIM Managers, coordinators and digital leads with in depth knowledge on how to communicate with other industry players while applying your technological skills.
 The BIM badges help develop the learners’ ability to evaluate their projects BIM needs while providing an incentive to learn and being able to show other your exceptional achievements.

4. Can I pass courses without achieving my digital BIM badges?

6. Where can I see all my hours  I have accumulated?

On your profile page you can see almost every information related to their school activity . We will show you all the hours, courses, badges , certificates and engagements you have since registering with Exceptional BIM  options in a school where all Profile features are activated. 

7. Do students and professional earn the same badges?

Our learning programmes are specially designed for students and professionals in the built environment industry in the form of blended learning modules of interactive online LMS, ongoing webinars with experts around the world, range of online BIM tools software courses. Skills mastery is more than having the right tertiary paper qualifications and being good at what you do currently; it is a mindset of continually striving towards greater excellence through knowledge, digital application and experience
This provides flexibility towards all industry players, no matter where you are in life. Our learning does not happen in a vacuum and all learners are equal within exceptional BIM platform

8. Who decides on the badges I must earn?

Exceptional BIM administration team will access your submission for each acquired digital badge each required level. Certificate are generated and provided to each learner digitally   in collaboration with industry learning partners to ensure your courses are globally recognised. Our industry needs out of the box thinkers, not traditionalists.

9. Are my BIM badges internationally recognised?

Most our courses are internationally recognised  and endorsed. The concept of digital BIM badges is not new to industries around the globe. We have taken the initiative to introduce badges to the BIM environment to help you excel in your BIM career, hopefully this provides you with an incentive to stay ahead of your peers.

10. Are my badges connected to my academic institution or professional association?

Exceptional BIM is not designed to replace any learning curriculum or apply to a particular CPD accreditation yet. We work closely with many academic institutions and professional bodies around the world but the badges are not affiliated to any academic institutions or associations.
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